¡5 Tips to have an Eco Christmas!

We provide you with some tips to help the planet and still celebrate Christmas in style. Read on to find out how you can have an Eco Christmas.

• Use recycled wrapping paper or newspaper to wrap your gifts and ornaments that you already have at home from years past so that your home looks great, Christmas and sustainable.
• Plan your Christmas party. Buy local products and support nearby businesses. Try not to buy food that will be wasted and place all leftover vegetables to make a compost.
• Look for recycled or self-made, organic and cruelty-free gifts for your loved ones. Make yours wherever possible and try to choose gifts that have the least possible impact on the planet. There are many new organic and organic brands on the market that will help you have a more sustainable Christmas, as well as thousands of ideas on the internet.
Avoid turning on the television and / or being attached to Social Networks, spend time connecting with your family, these are important and unforgettable dates, try to find fun games where the family can integrate.
• Most importantly, Use our ECOLOGICAL, BIODEGRADABLE, OXOBIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE trash BAGS, to keep your home clean and help not contaminate the planet with us anymore.

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