We share some ideas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lead a more sustainable life.

Use public transport or take a bicycle
Cars are the main source of carbon emissions in the country, being responsible for most of the emissions.

Eat more vegetables, chicken and fish
The emotions of CO2 are very intense in the production of meat and dairy products, so it is recommended to replace them with vegetables, chicken and fish.

Consume less and recycle more
Each object that we recycle is one less that will have to be produced, however, and important to take into account the type of material, as well as the importance of being less consumerist people, think 5 minutes, do I really need it?

Replace normal bulbs with savers
And turn off the light when not needed, remove 45 kg of CO2 per year.

When traveling, it is better to fly than to drive
On a long trip it is better to use the plane, since the car generates more CO2. On a short trip taking the train or bus are another option.

Plan the purchase of your food and do not waste
In the country approximately 30 thousand tons of food are wasted per day, its decomposition adds methane to the atmosphere in addition to its production.

CO2 emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels and the manufacture of cement. They include the one produced during the consumption of solid, liquid, gaseous and gas burning fuels.